Carnival games are a great way to add an extra element of fun to your event! All games pictured are TSSA-registered, where necessary, making them suitable for use at private residences as well as school, public, or corporate events. All games can be used by both adults and children unless specified otherwise. Package deals available - contact us for details.

Interactive Sports Games


Whack A Mole - NEW for 2019!

(15' x 15' x 6' - Requires 2 electrical outlets on different circuits)
A life-size version of one of everyone's favourite carnival games. Get a group of friends together to bounce up some fun!


Sumo Wrestling Suits

(15' x 15')
Fun, inflatable "sumo wrestler" suits provide entertainment for those participating and watching, alike! Adult sizing only.

Wrecking Ball Inflatable Game

Wrecking Ball Arena

(24' x 24' x 13' - Requires 2 electrical outlets on different circuits)
Use the hanging "wrecking ball" to try to knock other players off their platforms. Accommodates 2-4 players or 1200 lbs.


Gladiator Joust

(19' x 19' x 5' - Requires 1 electrical outlet)
Knock the other player off of their "stand" using an inflatable jousting stick in this 19-ft ring! Energetic fun for two players at a time.


3-in-1 Sports

(20' x 20' x 15' - Requires 2 electrical outlets on different circuits)
Have up to three people playing at once to test their skill at football, soccer & basketball.

Bungee Run Gladiator Joust Inflatable Game 2018

Bungee Run & Gladiator Joust

(13' x 30' x 10' - Requires 1 electrical outlet)
2 games in 1! Bungee cords provide fun resistance for up to two players while they attempt to run to the other end OR have two players try to knock each other off the pedestals using the inflated jousting sticks!

Challenging Sports Games


Nerf™ Arena

(25' x 60' x 7')
Take aim with Nerf in a spaceship-shaped maze, providing cover and a fun challenge for up 10 players!


Mechanical Bull

Starting at $600
(20' x 20' x 8' - Requires 2 electrical outlets on separate circuits)
Bring out your inner cowboy and see how long you can stay on this bucking bronco! Speed adjustable for differing skill levels. Includes inflatable crash mat. Final pricing includes 1 attendant.


Egyptian Pyramid Wall

(20' x 16' x 30' - Requires 2 electrical outlets)
This "rock wall" provides climbing space for up to three people at once and a soft landing, too!


Axe Throwing

Starting at $500
Axe Throwing packages are fully insured, equipped and includes an attendant for your event.


Solid Climbing Wall

Starting at $900
(8' x 8' x 25')
Challenge yourself and others to see how fast and far you can climb on this rock wall! Accommodates 5 climbers at once. Package includes 2 attendants.


Connect 4™

(2' x 4' x 4')
The classic game - in giant size! Line up four pieces in your colour to win.



(1' x 1' x 3')
In this oversized version of the table-top game, you need a steady hand to pull bricks from anywhere in the stack and place them on the top. Don't be the one to knock it over or you lose the game!


Tug of War

Get a couple teams together and pit strength and strategy against one another. A fun team activity!


Mini Golf - 9 Holes

(Each piece: 2' x 6')
Nine holes of mini golfing fun for all ages. Challenging obstacles and amazing competition - a great addition to any party, event or company picnic.


Mini Golf - Sets of 3

$150/set ($50 ea. additional)
(Each piece: 2' x 6')
Choose three or more holes to design your own mini golf course! Fun for all ages. (Discount for 9 holes - see left).

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